Privacy Policy

Last updated at 07/29/2019

First of all, we want to thank you for choosing Superium. To make our site functional, we have to store some of your personal information.

What and why?

Personal information
We store your username so you can be identified by us and other users.
Your password is stored so nobody can access your account besides you. The password is encrypted using bcrypt so nobody can read your password, including us.
We store your e-mail address so we can send important e-mails to you such as account recovery emails.
We store your IP-address for our own safety. We can block certain IP addresses of users who have broken the Terms of Service or see which user has made what accounts. Your IP-address is encrypted as well.

Site components
We also save data to make our site functional such as your description, the amount of bricks and studs you have, the time you created your account and more.