Dr. Tinsels Hypnotising Pince-nez

Superium Hat by Bandito Burrito

30 times
The finest magical Pine-nez in all of Superium! With the new Dr. Tinsel's Hypnotising Pince-nezâ„¢ you can hypnotise any living being! Riches await those who bear these stylish Pince-nez! Warning: Product has not been proved to work.

Comments (15)

reman 4 weeks ago
this HAS to be a limited

VoV 1 month ago
its not a worthy limited but I would expect one sometime

Deleted Account 5545 1 month ago
V hope it becomes limited

Bandito Burrito 1 month ago
Canada shades are offsale anyway. not sure what you mean by profit tho?

Deleted Account 5545 1 month ago
i hope this is a good profit i didnt get canada shades for these

Luke273 1 month ago
Str8 Outta roblox

yohan 1 month ago

Bandito Burrito 1 month ago

idot 1 month ago
This is literally the guy who wears limiteds in real life shades

Britannic 1 month ago

VoV 1 month ago
far is so far away good bye

far 1 month ago
you are now a monkey

Bandito Burrito 1 month ago
they are my favourite too :D

NotIsaiah 1 month ago
Fave shades

VoV 1 month ago
very cool